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Minimum Wage Stirs Maximum Controversy

There’s no magic bullet to solve thorny policy questions. Minimum wage is an increasingly popular way to tackle income stagnation and inequality, but it requires a trade-off: higher wages will cause some degree of job loss. After the District of Columbia instituted a minimum wage hike earlier this year, the city needed to understand how […]

Ann Arbor Transportation and Economic Development Conference

REMI users and economic analysts recently gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a conference on transportation and economic development. Presenters used the REMI model to forecast the impacts of changes in demographics, tax policy, and infrastructure in the Great Lakes region.

Regional Impact of Defense Contracting

As the Trump administration seeks an increase in military spending for next year’s budget, regions in the U.S. with a large presence of defense contractors must evaluate the potential economic impacts of an influx of tax dollars.

REMI Washington DC Luncheon: Energy Efficiency Incentives

The use of tax deductions to promote energy efficiency inspired an in-depth discussion at REMI’s most recent Washington DC policy luncheon.