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Evaluating the Impact of Local Development

When state and local policy makers want to know the impact of economic development, dynamic economic modeling can provide the answer. Through simulations, analysts can simulate the effects of a proposed development over time.

States Take Lead in Health Care

With the Affordable Care Act likely to remain largely intact for the foreseeable future, state policy makers are reconsidering their options under former President Obama’s signature law.Among the issues policy makers are revisiting is the question of whether or not to expand Medicaid. Under the ACA, states can extend health care insurance through an expansion of […]

The Debate over Border Adjustments

Tax reform is always hotly contested, as overhauling the tax code involves many moving parts and impacts many interest groups. The current debate over “destination-based” taxation is a prime example of how complicated tax reform can be.

The Case of the Missing Worker

The missing worker has been a persistent mystery shadowing the economic recovery – evidence of labor market hysteresis induced by the Great Recession.