March 01, 2018

Digital Currency/Analog Economy - Bitcoin's Impacts

January 22, 2018

Digital Currency/Analog Economy - Bitcoin's Impacts

Bitcoin has inspired debate over the value and future of cryptocurrencies. The first decentralized digital currency has raised questions about unintended impacts – from financial industry disruption to the amount of energy consumption required for the computation.

REMI Economist Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D. will be offering a webinar presentation on Tuesday, February 27th or Thursday, March 1st, 2018 from 2 to 3 p.m. EST to discuss the potential effects to financial services productivity, energy prices, and other economic activity as a result of Bitcoin’s popularity.

For this presentation, Dr. Evangelakis will review the various questions surrounding Bitcoin. For example, if the currency was a country, it would rank 56th in energy consumption after Peru, according to the estimates of Digiconomist, a blog dedicated to cryptocurrencies. The demand on energy has real-world implications. So do the ways that traditional financial institutions may react to the rise of cryptocurrencies. These impacts could influence prices, productivity, employment, and output over time.

We will open up the discussion to questions from attendees after the presentation.

This presentation will last approximately one hour, and we offer it free of charge via the Citrix GoToWebinar web conferencing platform. Advanced registration is required; please click here to register.

Thank you and we hope you can join us for this webinar!