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The following glossary defines economic terminology relevant to REMI products.  If you have any questions or comments about the glossary or do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Actual Capital Stock

Administration & Unallocable

Alcoholic Beverages

Amenity Term

Average Annual Compensation Rate

Average State Effective Corporate Profit Tax Rate

Average State Equipment Tax Rate

Average State Investment Tax Credit

Average State Property Tax Rate

Bonds as % of Corporate Financing

Business Payments

Business Payments to Individuals

Capital Costs

Capital Share of Output


Change in Business Inventories

Commodity Access Index

Commodity Price

Compensating Differential


Composite Input Costs

Composite Labor Costs

Composite Price


Contributions for Government Social Insurance

Convergence Flag

Corporate Income Taxes

Corporate Profit Tax Rate

Delivered Price


Depreciation Rate

Disposable Personal Income


Dividends, Interest, and Rent

Earnings by Place of Work

Economic Migrants

Economic Migration

Education Charges

Elementary and Secondary Education; Libraries

Employee and Self-Employed Contributions for Government Social Insurance

Employee Retirement

Employer Contributions for Employee Pension and Insurance Plans

Employer Contributions for Government Social Insurance


Employment As % of Nation

Employment by Occupation



Exogenous Final Demand

Exogenous Industry Demand

Exogenous Industry Demand Employment

Exogenous Industry Sales

Exogenous Industry Sales Employment

Exports to Multiregions

Exports to Multiregions Employment

Exports to Rest of Nation

Exports to Rest of Nation Employment

Exports to Rest of World

Exports to Rest of World Employment

Family Assistance

Federal Civilian

Federal Education and Training Assistance (excluding Veterans)

Federal Equipment Tax Rate

Federal Government

Federal Government Payments

Federal Investment Tax Credit

Federal Military

Food Stamps

Fuel Costs

General Sales and Gross Receipts Taxes

Government Demand Employment

Government Payments to Individuals

Gross Domestic Product

Gross Employees In

Gross Employees Out

Gross In

Gross Out


Higher Education

Housing Price

Imports from Multiregions

Imports from Rest of Nation

Imports from Rest of World

Income Maintenance Benefit Payments

Indirect Effects

Individual Income Taxes

Individual Income Taxes (gross)

Individual Income Taxes (net of refunds)

Induced Effects

Industrial Mix Index (average)

Industrial Mix Index (calculated)

Insurance Trusts


Interest on Debt

Interest Rate on Moody AAA Bonds


Intergovernmental Revenue from Local Governments

Intergovernmental Revenue from the Federal Government

Intergovernmental Revenue from the State Government

Intermediate Demand Employment

Intermediate Effects

Intermediate Inputs

International Migrants

International Migration

Investment Activity Demand Employment

Investment Tax Credit

Labor Access Index

Labor Force

Labor Force Participation Rates

Labor Intensity

Labor Productivity

Labor Supply

Less: Refunds

Local Consumption Demand Employment

Local Government

Local Governments

Medical Payments

Medicare Payments

Migrant Births

Migrant Deaths



Military Medical Insurance Payments

Motor Fuels

Motor Vehicle Licenses

Motor Vehicles

National Deflator

National Non-Residential Actual Capital Stock

National Non-Residential Optimal Capital Stock

National Residential Actual Capital Stock

National Residential Optimal Capital Stock

Natural Resources, Parks, Housing

Net Earnings by Place of Residence

Net Residence Adjustment


Non-Residential Depreciation Rate

Number of Iterations

Old Age, Survivors, and Disability

Optimal Capital Stock

Other Assistance to Veterans

Other Charges & Revenue

Other Government Disability Insurance & Retirement

Other Income Maintenance

Other Payments to Individuals

Other Sales Taxes

Other State Government Insurance Trust Systems

Other Tax

Other Taxes

Other Unemployment Compensation


Payments to Nonprofit Institutions

PCE-Price Index

PCE-Price Index with Housing Price

Personal Income

Personal Income As % of Nation

Personal Taxes

Police, Fire, Correction


Population As % of Nation

Preference Coefficient

Price Elasticity

Production Cost

Property Tax Rate

Property Taxes

Proprietors Income

Public Assistance Medical Care

Public Utilities

Railroad Retirement and Disability

Real Disposable Personal Income

Real Disposable Personal Income As % of Nation

Real Disposable Personal Income per Capita

Real Disposable Personal Income per Capita with Housing Price

Real Disposable Personal Income with Housing Price

Real Disposable Personal Income with Housing Price As % of Nation

Real Personal Income

Real Personal Income As % of Nation

Real Personal Income per Capita

Real Personal Income per Capita with Housing Price

Real Personal Income with Housing Price

Real Personal Income with Housing Price As % of Nation

Real Relative Compensation Rate (formerly RWR)

Regional Constant

Regional Non-Residential Actual Capital Stock

Regional Non-Residential Optimal Capital Stock

Regional Non-Residential Preference Coefficient

Regional Purchase Coefficient (Self Supply over Demand)

Regional Residential Actual Capital Stock

Regional Residential Optimal Capital Stock

Regional Residential Preference Coefficient

Relative Capital Costs

Relative Composite Input Costs

Relative Composite Labor Costs

Relative Cost of Production

Relative Employment Opportunity (REO)

Relative Fuel Cost By Fuel Type and Category

Relative Fuel Costs

Relative Housing Price

Relative Labor Intensity


Residence Adjusted Employment


Residential Depreciation Rate

Retired Migrants

Retired Migration

Retirement and Disability Insurance Benefit Payments

Self Supply

Sewerage, Solid Waste

Special Populations

State & Local Government

State and Local Government Payments

State and Local Personal Property Taxes

State Expenditures at State Average Rates

State Government

State Governments

State Revenues at State Average Rates

State Unemployment Insurance Compensation

Statutory Federal Corporate Profit Tax Rate

Structure Life Time

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Supplements to Wages and Salaries

Tobacco Products

Total Exports

Total Farm Value Added

Total Fixed Investment

Total Government Value Added

Total Imports

Total Private Non-Farm Value Added

Total Residence Adjusted Employment

Transfer Payments


Unemployment Compensation

Unemployment Compensation for Federal Civilian Employees (UCFE)

Unemployment Compensation for Railroad Employees

Unemployment Compensation for Veterans (UCX)

Unemployment Insurance Benefit Payments

Utilities, Transit

Utility & Liquor Store Revenue

Value Added

Veterans Benefit Payments

Veterans Life Insurance Benefit

Veterans Pension and Disability Payments

Veterans Readjustment Payments

Wage & Salary Disbursements


Workers Compensation (Fed and State)

Workers Compensation Systems