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The global push for cleaner energy and improved air quality comes with new initiatives and the rearrangement of assets and funding. It also implies that the former and current energy sources are either about to enter or are in the midst of a flux period dictated by impending legislation and technology.

Changes in energy, the environment, and our knowledge of these topics have been rapidly impacting the landscape of our planet. As entire states try to gain control of their environmental footprint, a shift in industries occurs. The models created by REMI have assisted in assessing energy and environmental policies for over 25 years.

The REMI PI+ model has been used by researchers and scientists in the energy and environmental fields to examine instituting a carbon tax, installing oil pipelines, cleaning up nuclear sites, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The public prefers that the tax dollars being aimed at energy and environment revitalization projects lead to better employment, more options for energy consumers, and a cleaner environment.

REMI has developed detailed studies for agencies that decide on energy and environmental rulings when they require a more complete understanding of who will be the most greatly impacted.

REMI studies range from home weatherization to low carbon fuel standards, from reducing acid precipitation to oil spills.

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