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Economic Development

When regions, states, and cities want to foster economic development, they turn to REMI for answers.

Our products help to answer such questions as:

    • Which projects warrant tax incentives?
    • How can key clusters be encouraged?
    • What can we expect by attracting a new firm?

REMI’s BizDev® application allows users to develop sophisticated economic development scenarios that reflect the specific nature of an industry or projects, while facilitating adjustments to employee compensation, firm productivity, and the composition of the supply chain. REMI is known for the integrity of its analysis.

As policy makers and the public are often skeptical about economic impact claims, you need credible analysis to demonstrate the effects of your project. State and local stakeholders need to understand how a new development may add to income, output, and employment in their economy.

REMI has conducted numerous economic development analyses for public and private clients.

Studies include:

    • Impacts of military base realignments and closures
    • The bio-diesel industry in New York
    • Life sciences plants in California
    • A major mixed-use entertainment and housing project in Pennsylvania, and others.