• Economic Results and Forecasting

    Economic Results and Forecasting

    The REMI model is a dynamic forecasting and policy analysis tool that can be variously referred to as an econometric model, and input-output model, or even a computable general equilibrium model. In fact, REMI integrates several modeling approaches.


The REMI model is a dynamic economic forecasting software application inspired by a single goal: to inform and improve the quality of public policy decisions.
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When regions, states, and cities need to make critical policy decisions, they turn to REMI to test the economic effects of their policies before they are implemented.
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Events & Registration

REMI offers an annual Users’ Conference and periodic On-Site Seminars and On-line Seminars for all on the theoretical and applied aspects of PI+ and TranSights’ unique regional modeling approach.
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What’s new at REMI? See this section for the latest headlines and updates about REMI and our model users.
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