November 16, 2022

Economic Implications of Regional Military and Federal Spending

October 21, 2022

Economic Implications of Regional Military and Federal Spending

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To assist JobsOhio, the Dayton Development Coalition, and its regional economic development partners in better understanding the importance of its robust military & federal sectors, ABLE Operations conducted the sectors’ first-ever economic impact analysis. This project utilized the REMI PI+ forecasting model to estimate the ripple effect (direct, indirect, and induced effects) of military & federal spending flowing into every county and installation across the state. The findings were then compiled and presented in a summary booklet designed to inform state and congressional leaders of the sectors’ economic importance to jobs and gross regional product.



Matt Schwalb
ABLE Operations

Matt Schwalb is managing partner and senior research analyst at ABLE Operations where he works with clients to better understand how defense spending impacts their local communities. Matt is also the lead analyst of Florida’s bi-annual Defense Industry Economic Impact Analysis and Factbook. Prior to his time at ABLE, he was the senior research analyst at Matrix Design Group and, prior to that, the assistant director at the Haas Center for Business Research and Economic Development. Matt earned an MA in Political Science and an MS in Public Administration at the University of West Florida where his studies focused primarily on policy analysis, research methods, and American political discourse. Throughout his career, Matt has managed various quantitative and qualitative research projects, including several defense and non-defense related economic and fiscal impact studies.

Aaron Schmerbeck
ABLE Operations

Aaron Schmerbeck is founder and managing partner of ABLE Operations where he manages research and data analytics that range from economic, fiscal, and market analyses to workforce analytics.  He holds a PhD in Economics from Florida State University (FSU). His studies focused primarily on financial economics and mathematics.  He maintains an adjunct position at the University of South Florida – Sarasota Manatee (USFSM), teaching a variety of economics and finance courses. Aaron has significant experience in measuring economic and fiscal impacts, workforce supply and demand analytics, financial modeling, and economic forecasting.