March 18, 2013

Regional Economic Competitiveness Assessment: Economic Forecast for The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

On behalf of The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, REMI prepared a report that produced a fundamental economic and demographic forecast for the six-county Greater Birmingham region and provided an assessment of the region’s economic competitiveness. This improved understanding of their region allows them the capability to plan and prepare accordingly for the future. REMI found that the Greater Birmingham region was in the process of macroeconomic recovery after significant growth fueled by housing and construction and that their recent steady annual population increase was on the decline. The report included economic policy suggestions like investing in infrastructure and human capital, continuing to make the region an attractive place to live and work, ensuring appropriate levels of taxation and expenditure, and providing a suitable regulatory environment for business and property.

RPCGB, REMI – Regional Economic Competitiveness Assessment [full PDF]