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The REMI name is recognized for quality, accuracy, and integrity.When you need economic impact studies of the highest caliber, turn to REMI’s Consulting Services. Answering “what if…?” questions about regional policy changes is our core competency.With over a quarter century of responding to thousands of policy scenario questions, REMI is uniquely qualified to support clients undertaking studies or to undertake complete economic impact studies.

Energy and Utilities
Since the utility and broader energy sector are highly regulated, accurate economic analysis is vital in informing public policy. Utility and other regulators trust the credibility of REMI studies, and private companies know that REMI provides the answers they need. REMI projects range from studies on the effects of rate changes to economic development impacts of utilities and energy-related industries.

Economic Development
REMI is known for the integrity of its analysis. As policy makers and the public are often skeptical about economic impact claims, you need credible analysis to demonstrate the effects of your project. State and local stakeholders need to understand how a new development may add to income, output, and employment in their economy. REMI has conducted numerous economic development analyses for public and private clients. Studies include impacts of military base realignments and closures, the bio-diesel industry in New York, life sciences plants in California, a major mixed-use entertainment and housing project in Pennsylvania, and others.

The public expects that the tax dollars spent on transportation projects leads to more jobs, better jobs, and improved industry competitiveness. Transportation agencies turn to REMI for its proven expertise in developing accurate, rigorous studies showing the economic development impacts of transportation. REMI studies range from toll roads to major highway improvements, from airport impacts to transit-oriented development.

Efforts to protect the environment may have wide-reaching economic consequences. REMI is known for expertise in demonstrating the total macroeconomic effects of environmental policies. Studies include analysis of feebates, renewable portfolio standards, and cap-and-trade policies.

Tax changes may have a significant effect on economic activity. REMI is recognized for unbiased analysis of the economic implications of tax changes. Studies include work for both the private and public sectors, in evaluating single tax changes or an overall tax reform package.

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