August 09, 2023

Carbon Tax: Economic, Climate, and Demographic Implications

July 21, 2023

Carbon Tax: Economic, Climate, and Demographic Implications

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Carbon taxes are designed to curb the most polluting economic activities, incentivize polluters to transition to alternative fuel sources, and fund sustainable projects. By internalizing otherwise external costs of production, heavy polluters can contribute directly to keeping the atmosphere clean and mitigating the greenhouse effect. Join us for an insightful webinar as we delve into evaluating the economic, climate, and demographic impacts of a carbon tax. In this webinar, we will explore existing policy, the theory underpinning them, and utilize REMI’s E3+ model to demonstrate the tangible effects of implementing a carbon tax on various economic factors, exploring the real-world implications on employment, GDP, and industry growth.   

Through a comprehensive analysis, we aim to shed light on the challenges of carbon tax implementation, the potential benefits and costs, and provide attendees with the knowledge needed to navigate this vital topic to pursue a sustainable future. This webinar is ideal for anybody interested in learning more about carbon taxes and their effects, as well as anybody interested in modeling the economic and environmental impacts of policy.