December 14, 2017

December Washington D.C. Luncheon - Opioid Crisis

November 20, 2017

December Washington D.C. Luncheon - Opioid Crisis

REMI luncheons are held each month at Metro Center, 700 12th Street, NW, Suite 700, Washington D.C. 20005. Stay tuned for updates on this special event, including any change in venue.

We cordially invite you to our monthly Washington, D.C. policy luncheon, Thursday, December 14th, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., when REMI Chief Economist and CEO Frederick Treyz, Ph.D. will discuss the economic impacts of the prescription opioid epidemic on the United States economy using dynamic fiscal analysis to identify and quantify the wide array of negative effects generated by this tragedy.

The prescription opioid abuse and dependence crisis arrived suddenly in 1999 and has only been gaining momentum in terms of scope and intensity since then. Opioid deaths have quadrupled in that time frame and the advanced necessity for treatment and prevention options is both directly and indirectly affecting the rest of the public.

At the national level, the loss of workers to either premature deaths or extended absences from the labor force depress production and lower aggregate demand, slowing down the growth of the economy. At the regional level, heavily impacted states face potential out-migration as well as increased health care, substance abuse treatment, and incarceration costs. This combination of factors places a severe strain on state budgets as both the tax base falls and expenditures rise.

Almost 2 million Americans are estimated to meet the criteria for opioid abuse and dependence with 16,000 losing their lives as a result of their addiction. The total economic burden of those consumed by this public health crisis has already cost the economy upwards of $78.5 billion and few substantive efforts have been able to curb these rising expenditures on the local, state, and federal levels.

Lunch will be provided at no charge, although we ask that you register in advance. If you would like to attend this event, please email Alex Arthen-Cheyne at or contact us by phone at (413) 549-1169.

Thank you and we hope you can join us!