November 03, 2020

Economic Impact of State and Local Budget Deficits

October 16, 2020

Economic Impact of State and Local Budget Deficits

State and local finances remain in question as the COVID-19 pandemic charges toward the 2021 fiscal year.

With no conclusion in sight, governments at all levels have considered budget cuts and spending reductions in the hopes of preserving their current revenue while waiting for the global health crisis to subside.

Our CEO & Chief Economist Frederick Treyz, Ph.D. and Economic Analyst Tobias Reynolds are looking forward to their upcoming REMI webinar, “Economic Impact of State and Local Budget Deficits,” on Tuesday, November 3rd from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (ET) that explores why federal, state, and local decision-makers may want to contemplate the potential consequences of spending cuts in the face of a weakened economy.

This webinar will explain the macroeconomic effect of the state and local budget crunch using forecasts and data compiled during various stages of the ongoing pandemic. Dr. Treyz and Mr. Reynolds are prepared to incorporate the impending spending cuts at the state level and the impact absent any changes in federal policy.

How federal, state, and local government spending affects Gross Domestic Product and employment on a state-by-state basis will also be discussed during this presentation, in addition to a description of which industries might be impacted most by budget deficits.

Following the webinar, there will be an opportunity for questions and answers.

The presentation will be approximately one hour in length, and we offer it free of charge via the Citrix GoToWebinar web conferencing platform. Advanced registration is required; please click here to register.