February 16, 2022

How Economic Impact Analysis Models Equip the Utility Industry

January 13, 2022

How Economic Impact Analysis Models Equip the Utility Industry

From emerging policies to technology advancements, the utility industry is undergoing a transformation that has significant implications for regional development.

We invite you to join us for “How Economic Impact Analysis Models Equip the Utility Industry,” our special guest webinar on Wednesday, February 16, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. (ET). This discussion will feature Patrick Kelly, Director of Economic Development at FirstEnergy, and Jim Robey, Ph.D., Principal at Robey Analytics, LLC.

During this presentation, Mr. Kelly will provide an overview of FirstEnergy’s strategic initiatives to build resilient utility systems, create 21st-century jobs, and develop clean energy sources. Dr. Robey will continue the discussion by examining a compilation of studies emphasizing how larger utility companies are approaching the energy policy that Robey Analytics, LLC. has produced on behalf of FirstEnergy.

Finally, I will conclude with a brief examination of the REMI model methodology supporting these analyses and how economic modeling informs the rapidly changing energy industry.

Participants will have an opportunity to ask questions at the end of this webinar presentation.

The presentation will be approximately one hour in length, and we offer it free of charge via the Citrix GoToWebinar web conferencing platform. Advance registration is required; please click here to register.