December 13, 2023

Revitalizing Rockford: Economic Impacts of a Transformational Investment

November 16, 2023

Revitalizing Rockford: Economic Impacts of a Transformational Investment

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This webinar was presented by Jason Holcomb, Director of Community Impact at Region 1 Planning Council, and Michael Dunn, Executive Director at Region 1 Planning Council. 

Rockford, Illinois is the largest city in Illinois outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. Rockford has been actively working towards revitalization and diversification of its industries. Region 1 Planning Council, a regional planning council serving the Northern Illinois region, provided an economic analysis for the transition of an old and unused manufacturing plant into a bustling community, modeling a development plan that aims to renovate buildings to greatly expand housing and incentivize small businesses to move in. 

In this webinar, presenters Michael Dunn and Jason Holcomb will demonstrate how a $420 million investment is being used to transform an underutilized area of Rockford. They will explain how diversifying industry can be used to grow wealth and attract residents. Michael and Jason will then elaborate on how new housing is being developed to accommodate this strategy. Using REMI TranSight, they will analyze rippling effects on key economic indicators, including population, employment, compensation, and industry output. This webinar is ideal for anybody interested in the fields of economic development, regional planning, and economic/demographic modeling.