June 23, 2022

Site Selection and Workforce Development Strategies

May 17, 2022

Site Selection and Workforce Development Strategies

Our webinar “Site Selection and Workforce Development Strategies,” was presented on June 23rd from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (E.T.), by Philip Meneghini, an associate at REMI.   

Mr. Meneghini analyzed the factors surrounding site selection and workforce development strategies using the electric vehicle battery producer Proterra as an example. We used our PI+ model aided by our SEI model to build the base of our analysis. The PI+ model helps model and examine regions’ economic future, and SEI helps evaluate the socio-economic indicators and implications of projects. These tools are powerful and can be utilized across various industries.   

Electric vehicles have dramatically increased demand due to higher gasoline prices, government restrictions on combustion engines, and environmental concerns. Based in Burlingame, California, Proterra is building a third factory in Greer, South Carolina, to increase its capacity of electric batteries to meet this demand. The factory will create over 200 new jobs for the Greer community. Proterra is already at the forefront of innovation for commercial vehicle electrification technology. This new factory will now allow them to produce batteries on the east coast, close to their own Proterra Transit electric bus manufacturing facilities.   

Click here for a video recording of the webinar.

Click here for the slides from the webinar.