November 16, 2021

The REMI Model: An Analysis of Coastal Resilience

October 28, 2021

The REMI Model: An Analysis of Coastal Resilience

[Recording] The REMI Model: An Analysis of Coastal Resilience – Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., REMI

Rising sea levels and severe storms pose significant economic risks to coastal regions. On Tuesday, November 16, from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., Vice President of Economics and Consulting at Regional Economic Models, Inc. (REMI), will be presenting fo a quest webinar for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric (NOAA) Central Library titled “The REMI Model: An Analysis of Coastal Resilience.”

REMI client AECOM worked with Broward County, Florida to develop a report analyzing the coastal hazards facing the business community of Dania Beach, Florida. Researchers also evaluated the economic benefits from adaption actions that mitigate future coastal hazards to the City’s commercial core. In addition to consideration of the costs and benefits of protective investments to reduce future hazard risks, it is also important to consider the opportunities for advancing economic resilience in communities like Dania Beach. This study illustrates that advancing economic resilience requires action by both the public and private sectors at various geographic scales while explaining that both communities have a shared interest in partnering on this front.

During this discussion, Dr. Evangelakis will review the AECOM study “Dania Beach: Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Storms.” This presentation will include a live model demonstration that illustrates how the REMI model can forecast the economic costs that could occur from failing to act to protect businesses in places such as Dania Beach from future storm surge and sea-level rise impacts.

REMI is inspired by a single goal: improving public policies. Founded in 1980, REMI has sought to improve public policy through economic modeling software that informs policies impacting our day-to-day lives. The REMI model is the premier software solution for modeling the economic and demographic effects of policy changes. Their experience and development efforts have resulted in a comprehensive model that answers “what if…?” questions about any economy. Decision-makers and analysts rely on the REMI model to validate their economic impact studies in areas such as energy and environment, economic development, transportation, taxation, and many more.

Included in this discussion will be an overview of the features and licensing details of the REMI model and more information about how the REMI model can be an asset to your organization.