July 09, 2024

US EV Automotive Outlook and USMCA Adjustment

June 20, 2024

US EV Automotive Outlook and USMCA Adjustment

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The automotive industry is in rapid transition, with the Biden Administration hastening the move to electric vehicles through subsidies, regulations, and tariffs.  This webinar presents:

  •       The US electric vehicle industry outlook
  •       Alternative scenarios for the industry under varying policy regimes
  •       REMI simulations on modeling the potential economic impacts of changes to USMCA to indicate China as a Foreign Entity of Concern (FEOC) to prevent low cost Chinese EV imports from entering the US and Canada market.


Yen Chen is a leading expert on the economics of the North American automotive industry.  In this webinar, he will outline the current state of the EV market in the United States, cost changes in EVs relevant to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, market share and cost changes in critical minerals, and EV market share projections under different policy scenarios. REMI will present impact scenarios reflecting tariffs and potential USMCA policy changes.