July 31, 2017

Ann Arbor Transportation and Economic Development Conference

REMI users and economic analysts recently gathered in Ann Arbor, Michigan for a conference on transportation and economic development. Presenters used the REMI model to forecast the impacts of changes in demographics, tax policy, and infrastructure in the Great Lakes region.

“Tackling questions on infrastructure is a pressing need right now at all levels of government,” said REMI Vice President Billy Leung, who led presentations on fuel efficiency standards and long-term transportation planning in Southern California. “We had state, regional, and federal governments in attendance in Ann Arbor. What they all have in common is a recognition that this is an important time period for making sure our infrastructure is maintained.”

Transportation and infrastructure have profound effects on any economy. For the Great Lakes region, in particular, the presence of international shipping lanes with Canada means that maintaining and upgrading infrastructure is critical for U.S. trade.