December 08, 2017

Building Gated Cities: Economic Effects of Housing Limits

Colorado’s rapid growth has inspired local elected officials and residents to consider initiatives to limit permits for new home construction.

REMI hosted a guest webinar with Chris Brown, Director of Policy and Research at the Common Sense Policy Roundtable. You can view a recording of the presentation in our archives.

Through a partnership among Common Sense Policy Roundtable, the Colorado Association of Realtors, Colorado Concern and Denver South Economic Development Partnership, Mr. Brown authored a report that looked at the economic and fiscal effects of restricting housing growth in the city of Lakewood, Colorado.

In addition to Lakewood, supporters of limiting growth in Colorado have proposed a statewide ballot measure that would restrict housing development across 10 Front Range counties.

Mr. Brown found that the Lakewood proposal offered by policy makers to cap Lakewood housing growth created a risk of unintended consequences in an attempt to decrease regional congestion and increase quality of life. The partnership is also assessing the potential impacts of the statewide measure, which could appear on the ballot next year.

For the webinar, Mr. Brown discussed how he used REMI’s dynamic economic modeling to evaluate the potential impacts of housing growth regulations.

You can view Mr. Brown’s report on the Lakewood proposal here.