August 29, 2018

Economic Impacts of Superfund Remediation Alternatives

A recent study co-authored by NERA Economic Consulting experts evaluated the economic impacts of remediation alternatives proposed by the US Environmental Protection Agency in 2016 for the Portland (Oregon) Harbor Superfund Site.

The study, which was published in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management, used the REMI model to evaluate the impacts of these alternatives on the Portland regional economy, as measured by jobs, gross regional product (GRP), personal income, and population.

The study was careful to evaluate both the positive effects of expenditures and the negative effects of local financing for these expenditures. Using EPA information on remediation expenditures, the study concluded that all alternatives would lead to negative impacts, but the negative impacts were substantially greater for the more expensive alternatives.

The consultants at NERA and their co-authors at ExxonMobil Environmental Services used REMI’s PI+ model. To read the full report, click on this link.