November 23, 2020

How the Election Results Impact Industrial Initiatives

The 2020 election brought about spirited debates, numerous potential initiatives, and an historic voter turnout. With Joseph R. Biden, Jr. emerging as the President-elect, the spotlight has now pivoted to the proposed policies from his campaign, the feasibility of each directive, and the subsequent impact to various national industries.

For example, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently reported on Biden’s plans to improve education in this country by using several funding and investment strategies. The news article expanded upon some of the possible programs that would be aimed at revitalizing education nationwide before focusing on how the state of Georgia could benefit from these ideas, as well as the local responses so far. Included in their coverage was a list of ten educational proposals attributed to the impending Biden administration and descriptions of how they might affect the state.

Greentech Media produced an article discussing how the solar industry, and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in particular, are approaching the post-election landscape. The focus of the story was on the federal Investment Tax Credit, as well as the Section 201 tariffs’ role in limiting the industry. The solar energy community appears to be hopeful about Biden’s opportunity to usher in a new era of clean energy for this country and the ability to enhance the presence of energy alternatives for the next year and beyond.

Immigration advocates are also anticipating a transition to a new Commander-in-Chief due the President-elect’s stance on some of the restrictive border policies implemented by the Trump administration. Voices of America highlighted a collection of proposals and programs that Biden is anticipated to address early in the impending presidential term. Though these directives might not manifest themselves immediately upon assuming the office, many professionals believe that immigration policies will be a larger part of the national discussion throughout the next four years.

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