January 09, 2018

Is High-Density Housing the Answer for the Nation?

Public policy plays a significant role in shaping a region’s housing stock. Sound policy can lead to better results – encouraging sufficient housing to meet demand without burdening infrastructure and the environment.

Michael Wilkerson, Ph.D., Project Director and Senior Economist at ECONorthwest, and Marley Buchman, an Associate at ECONorthwest, examined the economic effects of high-density, transit-oriented development.

Dr. Wilkerson and Mr. Buchman estimated the supply elasticities of housing and the underproduction of housing from 2000-2015 nationally and for each state. They simulated different scenarios, comparing current development patterns with high-density housing located close to transit.

REMI offered a guest webinar by them on Wednesday, January 24th. Based on their analysis, they evaluated the economic and environmental implications for alternative housing policies.