April 29, 2019

REMI to Hold Annual D.C. Conference on June 21st

Policy change comes slow in Washington, D.C. amid a divided government. Members of Congress and presidential candidates highlight their visions for federal policy, underscoring partisan differences.

At this crossroads, nonpartisan economic policy analysis offers a way to clarify these debates and suggests a way forward in energy, the environment, taxes, trade, and transportation. Users of REMI’s dynamic economic modeling software are searching for answers to these questions.

We will be holding the 2019 REMI D.C. Annual Policy Conference on Friday, June 21st to explore today’s most pressing policy debates. Our speakers will discuss a range of topics from international trade to infrastructure resiliency.

Please click here for details about the conference.

NOTE: REMI will not hold its monthly Washington DC policy luncheon this June, as we focus on preparing this special conference on June 21st.