October 28, 2019

The 2019 REMI Annual Users’ Conference “Populism, Policy Analysis, and the Economy” October 16-18, 2019 Santa Fe, New Mexico

This year’s REMI Annual Users’ Conference, “Populism, Policy Analysis and the Economy,” was a thoroughly comprehensive and successful event. We would like to thank everyone who participated in our conference and we hope everyone enjoyed their time in beautiful Santa Fe!

Our event featured an impressive assortment of guest presenters from all over the country providing informative discussions on a variety of timely public policy topics. We had a great collection of panels and thought-provoking Q&A sessions.

We also awarded three groups of authors with the George I. Treyz Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis for their detailed research and careful analysis. The winners were as follows:


Earnings, EITC, and Employment Responses to a $15 Minimum Wage: Will Low-Income Workers Be Better Off?

Fahad Fahimullah, Yi Geng, Bradley Hardy, Daniel Muhammad, & Jeffrey Wilkins


An Analysis of the Economic Effects of the HayWired Scenario Using the ABAG REMI Model

Cynthia Kroll, Bobby Lu, Aksel Olsen, & Anne Wein


Housing Underproduction in the U.S.: Economic, Fiscal, and Environmental Impacts of Enabling Transit-Oriented Accessible Growth to Address America’s Housing Affordability Challenge

Madeline Baron, Marley Buchman, Mike Kingsella, Randall Pozdena, & Michael Wilkerson

Pete Walley, who recently retired from his position as Director of Long-Range Economic Development Planning at the Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning, was also awarded the George A. Fulton Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Economic and Demographic Analysis. It was an honor to present this award to Mr. Walley for his numerous contributions to the state of Mississippi and its continued development.

Santa Fe was a wonderful host city for our 2019 REMI Users’ Conference as attendees were able to experience the local Pueblo architecture and enjoy an immersive group outing at Meow Wolf.

The location for the 2020 REMI Users’ Conference was voted on by attendees and they selected Bozeman, Montana. However, due to expensive flights and a lack of nearby venues that can accommodate over 50 attendees, we have chosen the option with the second-most votes, St. Petersburg, Florida, as next year’s host city.

We will be providing more details as we get closer to October 2020. We hope to see you in St. Petersburg!

Hector Vielma, Ph.D., Illinois Department of Revenue

Sharon Ju, Ph.D., Houston-Galveston Area Council

Jacob Linger, REMI / George Fulton, Ph.D., University of Michigan / Scott Nystrom, FTI Consulting

Jeff Hardcastle, Nevada Department of Taxation

Yi Geng, Ph.D., D.C. Office of the Chief Financial Officer

George I. Treyz Award (Bronze) – ECONorthwest

George I. Treyz Award (Silver) – Association of Bay Area Governments

George I. Treyz Award (Gold) – D.C. Office of the Chief Financial Officer

George A. Fulton Lifetime Achievement Award – Pete Walley