September 21, 2017

2018-2022 Five-Year Transportation Program

The REMI TranSight model was utilized by the Michigan Department of Transportation to evaluate the outcomes related to investments put toward transportation network development programs. Specifically, the state’s five-year transportation plan involved two programs (Highway and Bridge Program and Transit Program) that were analyzed with the help of economic modeling in order to examine the impacts on employment, real personal income, and gross state product. As the analysis attempted to assess transit benefits comprehensively, it did not account for the substantial additional benefits that can be generated by rapid transit investments in urban areas and, thusly, the model results can be considered conservative. The TranSight model found significant gains for both programs in all three measured categories and outlined the economic impact results for each year of the five-year transportation plan.

Michigan Department of Transportation – 2018-2022 Five-Year Transportation Program [full PDF]