October 09, 2017

Economic Implications of Implementing the EPA Clean Power Plan in Montana

Although Montana customers will continue to be provided with reliable electricity, the economy will inevitably suffer in total size, prosperity, and population as a byproduct of a Clean Power Plan. Statewide employment will be met with a reduction of 7,100 jobs, half a billion dollars in Montana household income, $1.5 billion in gross business receipts, $145 million in state revenues, and population by 10,000 people and 3,000 potential students. A major component of this substantial drop-off comes from a particular employer, Colstrip SES, closing down as this company’s nature makes it profitable for employees and Montana’s export industry, while a company with a smaller economic and environmental footprint has less need for labor and material-handling processes.

University of Montana – Economic Implications of Clean Power Plan [full PDF]