July 07, 2021

Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT)

The Washington State Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee (JLARC) staff used Regional Economic Models, Inc.’s (REMI) Tax Policy Insight Multi-Region model (Tax-PI MR) to model three scenarios that illustrate potential employment impacts of the Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT) program. This technical appendix provides background detail and supporting information for the JLARC staff analysis that led to the results summarized in section 3. Section 1; REMI overview explains what the REMI Tax-PI MR model is, and how and why it is used. Section 2; Modeling LIFT using REMI details how JLARC staff set up the Tax-PI MR program and modeled scenarios to reflect the range of possible results. Section 3; Detailed assumptions and results show the employment changes resulting from each scenario at the county level.

Local Infrastructure Financing Tool (LIFT) Full PDF