January 01, 2019

Northern Extension of Interstate 49: Facilitating International & Domestic Commerce & Tourism

A grant was requested by the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development to extend the northern part of Interstate 49 in Louisiana from Interstate 220 in Shreveport to the Arkansas state line. The distance would be an addition of 36 miles which would span a portion of the Shreveport Metropolitan Area and the rural area of Caddo Parish. The REMI TranSight model was utilized to analyze the long-term benefits of the extension of I-49 from Shreveport to Kansas City. The model estimated the impacts of the initial construction and its long-term impacts on the economy. The inputs were travel distance, time, and safety benefits which demonstrated an increase in 5,687 jobs, $569 million in gross state product, and $1.26 billion in personal income by 2039. Additionally, livability, sustainability, and safety were also addressed. This study was a comprehensive exploration of the positive effects that this extension would accomplish.


Northern Extension of Interstate 49-Facilitating International + Domestic Commerce + Tourism [Full PDF]