September 05, 2019

Puget Sound Regional Transportation Fuels Analysis

The macroeconomic and distributional impacts of compliance with a Puget Sound region Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) on different sectors and nearby regions were modeled using REMI’s E3+ model by ICF. This analysis and its findings indicated that the economic impacts across all four modeled scenarios generated Gross Regional Product and employment impacts of less than 0.1%. ICF’s modeling efforts analyzed the marginal difference that the energy and fuel policies made on the baseline within REMI’s reference case projection of economic growth. Their report was informed by scenario modeling that considered a health impact analysis based on changes in air quality pollutant emissions, various low-carbon fuel strategies, economic impact modeling using the REMI model, and the limitations in the Puget Sound transportation fuels market.

ICF – Puget Sound Regional Transportation Fuels Analysis [full PDF]