December 15, 2019

The Longevity Economy® Outlook

AARP and The Economist Intelligence Unit used the REMI model to expand upon their previous reports covering the economic impact of the 50-plus population and forecast these impacts out to the year 2050. The REMI model allowed for analysts to generate a comprehensive projection of the 50-plus population’s economic impact in terms of gross domestic product, employment, wages, taxes, and salaries. In addition to the considerable economic effects already generated by the 50-plus community, researchers found that their contribution could increase greatly with specific alterations made to the products and services offered by private businesses, as well as changes in social attitudes and public policy. This report identifies several “industries of opportunity” before highlighting ways for the public and private sector to capitalize on the bright economic future estimated for the 50-plus population.

AARP with The Economist Intelligence Unit – The Longevity Economy┬« Outlook [full PDF]