January 25, 2023

Budget Forecasting Solutions with REMI

January 16, 2023

Budget Forecasting Solutions with REMI

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This webinar was hosted by David Casazza, an Associate at REMI.

State and local government agencies need an intuitive and powerful dynamic impact model that can be used to analyze induced fiscal and economic effects of taxation. REMI Tax-PI is backed by years of dependability, and has been trusted nationally by many different government organizations as the only widely-available model that shows both the dynamic economic and fiscal effects of policy as a means to inform public policy.

In this webinar, REMI associate David Casazza will demonstrate how REMI Tax-PI has been used to shape and model state and local tax changes, state and local fiscal budgets, and education and infrastructure investments. We encourage anybody who has any questions about our tax modeling capabilities to attend, as there will be time at the end of the presentation for Mr. Casazza to answer your questions.