February 21, 2024

Investing in Transportation Resilience: A Case Study of DFW Airport

February 05, 2024

Investing in Transportation Resilience: A Case Study of DFW Airport

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This webinar was presented by Robert Horton, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at DFW International Airport,  Peter Evangelakis, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Economics & Consulting at REMI, and Igor Linkov, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor at the University of Florida and Risk and Decision Science Focus Area Lead with the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center. This presentation was hosted from 2:00-3:00 pm EST on Wednesday, February 21st.

The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is a crucial pillar of its regional economy. It hosts a diverse ecosystem of tens of thousands of direct jobs, and its significant indirect and induced impacts ripple throughout the Dallas Metro area. Disruptions are common for DFW as well as for other airports, and building resilience (defined as the ability to recover from disruption) is a key priority, but it may require significant investments. The presenters will explain the importance of airport resilience investments in strengthening the supply chain and transportation networks, present resilience and the economic model, and highlight the results of disruption scenarios affecting DFW.

Based on an analysis using the REMI TranSight model with the SEI module, the presenters will first quantify and discuss DFW’s large economic footprint based on a variety of economic and socioeconomic indicators, including output, Gross Regional Product, personal income, population, and employment, which is further broken down by sector, race/ethnicity, and educational attainment. The results show that even relatively short disruptions to the airport have outsized negative economic effects on the airport that cascade throughout the region, emphasizing the need to take proactive measures to minimize both their frequency and duration.