Forecasting the Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Northeast Florida: Utilizing REMI PI+ Model

The REMI PI+ economic model and a national forecast prepared by the University of Michigan were incorporated into an...

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The COVID-19 Pandemic in the Tampa Bay Area and Florida: A Preliminary Economic Impact Assessment

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council prepared a preliminary analysis of COVID-19’s impact on the state of...

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Independent Assessment of the Economic Impacts of the Florida College System

Florida TaxWatch partnered with the Association of Florida Colleges and the (then) Chancellor of the Florida College...

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REMI TranSight in the Tampa Bay Area: Project Analysis and Planning for Resiliency

Randy DeShazo FL Transportation February 25, 2019

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council used the REMI TranSight model to forecast the countywide impacts of...

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Dania Beach: Economic Impacts of Sea Level Rise and Coastal Storms

AECOM FL Energy and Environment November 01, 2018

AECOM developed a report analyzing the coastal hazards facing the business community of Dania Beach, Florida. The study...

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Tampa Interstate Study (TIS) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS): Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC), under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, used the...

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