Employment Impacts of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

This report by Argonne National Laboratory that updated and expanded upon the 2008 Department of Energy Report to...

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The Economic Impact of H.R. 932 and Mandatory Paid Sick Leave on U.S. Small Businesses

Michael J. Chow DC National January 14, 2016

Using the REMI model, the NFIB Research Foundation found that implementation of H.R. 932 in 2016 could result in...

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation: Emission Reduction Strategy Analysis [Technical Appendix]

Cambridge Systematics DC Technical November 01, 2015

Considerable positive fiscal benefits to investing in the reduction of greenhouse gases include 100,000 additional jobs...

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Dynamic Revenue Analysis: Experience of the States

In this joint report between the Andrew Young School’s Center for State and Local Finance and Fiscal Research...

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Potential Economic Effects of a Permanent Increase in the Section 179 Deduction Allowance Limit

Michael J. Chow DC National February 09, 2015

The National Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation used the REMI PI+ model to quantify the gains in...

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