Engine of Growth: The Extensions of Renewable Energy Tax Credits Will Power Huge Gains in the Clean Energy Economy

The REMI Policy Insight Plus model was utilized by the National Resources Defense Council to properly understand the...

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Cheating the Future: The Price of Not Fixing Entitlements

David Brown DC Tax and Fiscal February 05, 2013

REMI was incorporated into this study to quantify the immediate damages of sequestration to national and state...

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The Economic Impact of H.R. 932 and Mandatory Paid Sick Leave on U.S. Small Businesses

Michael J. Chow DC National January 14, 2016

Using the REMI model, the NFIB Research Foundation found that implementation of H.R. 932 in 2016 could result in...

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation: Emission Reduction Strategy Analysis [Technical Appendix]

Cambridge Systematics DC Technical November 01, 2015

Considerable positive fiscal benefits to investing in the reduction of greenhouse gases include 100,000 additional jobs...

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Predicting Housing Price Changes in States and MSAs Using Area Specific Price Elasticities

REMI Policy Insight 9.5 was able to represent the housing supply differences across the United States. Areas with a...

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The Keystone XL Pipeline: REMI Estimates of Economic Impacts from Construction and Operations

The REMI PI+ macroeconomic model was incorporated for this study and was used against other modeling softwares to try...

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