Memorandum re REMI Modeling of COVID-19 Economic Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic is widely expected to have a variety of disruptive effects on the U.S. economy. This memorandum...

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The Longevity Economy® Outlook

AARP and The Economist Intelligence Unit used the REMI model to expand upon their previous reports covering the...

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Preliminary Report: 2019 Tax Preference Performance Reviews Aerospace Tax Preferences

JLARC DC Tax and Fiscal August 21, 2019

The Washington Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee's study on aerospace tax preferences....

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Economic Effects of Enacting the Raise the Wage Act on Small Businesses and the U.S. Economy

This report that was conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses Research Center analyzed the impact...

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Measuring the Impact of the Steel Tariffs on the U.S. Economy

The Coalition for a Prosperous America assessed the economic impact of the steel tariffs signed into law in March of...

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The Economic, Fiscal, and Emissions Impacts of a Revenue-Neutral Carbon Tax

This assessment completed by FTI Consulting, Inc. for the Alliance for Market Solutions evaluated the impact of a...

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