October 23, 2018

Decision 2018: Policy and the Economy

Midterm elections may lack presidential candidates at the top of the ticket, but they still can have meaningful impacts on policy. At stake is control of Congress, governors’ offices, and legislative seats.

The significance is especially felt on the state level, since most states hold their gubernatorial elections during midterms. Thirty-six states and three territories decide on November 6th who should serve as their chief executive, with 18 seats open due to term limits or an incumbent’s decision not to seek reelection.

The outcome of these elections could impact economic policy in each state. For that reason, we’re holding luncheons throughout the country to discuss the potential implications of state elections on the economy, and approaches states can take to promote growth and remain competitive.

Please check out upcoming events in the following cities: 10/25- Washington D.C., 10/25 – Denver, CO; 10/29 – Nashville, TN; 10/30 – Atlanta, GA; 10/31 – Tallahassee, FL; 11/05 – Columbus, OH; 11/05 – Olympia, WA; 11/06 – Salem, OR; 11/07 – Carson City, NV; 11/07 – Springfield, IL; 11/08 – Sacramento, CA; 11/08 – Chicago, IL; 11/09 – Madison, WI; 11/13 – Raleigh, NC; 11/14 – Richmond, VA; 11/15 – Harrisburg, PA; and 11/16 – Trenton, NJ.