Contribution of the Automotive Industry to the Economies of All Fifty States and the United States

This report by the Center for Automotive Research outlined many known elements about the U.S. automotive industry and...

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Macroeconomic Impacts of Shutting Down the U.S. Borders in Response to a Security or Health Threat

There are four major economic impact factors that are immediately affected by a complete shutdown of America’s...

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Modeling the Oil Transition: A Summary of the Proceedings of the DOE/EPA Workshop on the Economic and Environmental Implications of Global Energy Transitions

David L. Greene DC National February 02, 2007

Oak Ridge National Labs put the REMI model to use in the hopes of being able to chart out the proper path to address...

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Understanding the Impact: Closing Naval Air Station Brunswick

The REMI Policy Insight model helped the Maine State Planning Office assess the ripple effects of a naval air base shut...

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Global Aging: Achieving Its Potential

Life expectancy is increasing in almost every country around the globe, from the least developed to the international...

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