Memorandum re REMI Modeling of COVID-19 Economic Impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic is widely expected to have a variety of disruptive effects on the U.S. economy. This memorandum...

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Make REMI Your Own: A Planning Perspective on Implementing REMI

This presentation delivered by the Atlanta Regional Commission explores how they employ the REMI PI+ and TranSight...

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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Transportation: Emission Reduction Strategy Analysis [Technical Appendix]

Cambridge Systematics DC Technical November 01, 2015

Considerable positive fiscal benefits to investing in the reduction of greenhouse gases include 100,000 additional jobs...

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Metropolitan Council's Forecasts Methodology

The Metropolitan Council puts forth regional forecasts that consider the Twin Cities’ situation within the...

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Regional Economic Competitiveness Assessment: Economic Forecast for The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham

On behalf of The Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham, REMI prepared a report that produced a fundamental...

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