Regional Economic Analysis and Impact Models

Pamela S. Perlich DC Technical April 04, 2005

This paper from the University of Utah assessed the key difference between input-output modeling and REMI’s...

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Modeling Practices and Their Ability to Assess Tax/Expenditure Economic Impacts

This report reviewed five economic models (IMPLAN, TRAIN/Dynamic TRAIN, STAMP, DRAM, and REMI) to assess their...

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The Waxing and Waning of Regional Economies: The Chicken-Egg Question of Jobs Versus People

This study revisits the long-debated chicken-egg question of whether people follow newly created jobs into regions or...

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Productivity and Accessibility: Bridging Project-Specific and Macroeconomic Analyses of Transportation Investments

When it comes to transportation analysis, there are two primary perspectives typically used in the corresponding...

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Searching for General Equilibrium with a REMI Model: Rural-Urban Effects of Federal Taxes, Entitlements, and Deficits

Glenn L. Nelson DC Technical April 02, 1998

This paper was written with the intention of providing estimates of the regional demographic and economic impacts of...

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The Massachusetts Dynamic Analysis Model

Alan Clayton-Matthews MA Technical September 20, 1993

The Dynamic Analysis Model is the combination of microsimulation and macroeconomic models used to address the critical...

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