Budget: Investing for Growth

Victoria Jackson OH Tax and Fiscal February 01, 2019

Policy Matters Ohio proposed a tax plan to reinstate state income tax rates on the highest income brackets earned by...

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The Economic Impacts of the New Economy Initiative in Southeast Michigan

The New Economy Initiative was found to have a positive impact on southeastern Michigan since its inception in 2008....

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2015 Tax Preference Performance Reviews: Motion Picture Program Contributions

Businesses were able to claim a credit against their business and occupation tax equal to the amount of contributions...

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Measuring the Economic Impacts of Public Service New Hampshire Electric Generation Asset Divestiture Options

The Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH), now Eversource Energy, signed and filed with the New Hampshire Public...

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The Economic, Demographic, and Climate Impact of Environmental Tax Reform in Washington and King County

Using a version of the PI+ model focused on the state of Washington and the Carbon Tax Analysis Model, REMI assessed if...

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