Macroeconomic Feedback Effects of Medicaid Expansion: Evidence from Michigan

The University of Michigan’s Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics (RSQE) selected the state of Michigan as...

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Puget Sound Regional Transportation Fuels Analysis

ICF WA Transportation September 05, 2019

The macroeconomic and distributional impacts of compliance with a Puget Sound region Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) on...

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Budget: Investing for Growth

Victoria Jackson OH Tax and Fiscal February 01, 2019

Policy Matters Ohio proposed a tax plan to reinstate state income tax rates on the highest income brackets earned by...

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The Economic Impact of Crude Oil Transportation in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region: A Preliminary Study

Analysts from Central Michigan University and the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis conducted a preliminary...

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2018 Tax Preference Performance Reviews: Investment Projects in High Unemployment Counties and Community Empowerment Zones

The Washington State Joint Legislative Audit Review Committee (JLARC) incorporated the REMI Tax-PI model into their...

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2018-2022 Five-Year Transportation Program

The REMI TranSight model was utilized by the Michigan Department of Transportation to evaluate the outcomes related to...

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