Modeling the Oil Transition: A Summary of the Proceedings of the DOE/EPA Workshop on the Economic and Environmental Implications of Global Energy Transitions

David L. Greene DC National February 02, 2007

Oak Ridge National Labs put the REMI model to use in the hopes of being able to chart out the proper path to address...

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Economic Impact of Shopping Center Developments

The REMI Policy Insight model was contracted for use by the International Council of Shopping Centers to assess three...

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Regional Economic Analysis and Impact Models

Pamela S. Perlich DC Technical April 04, 2005

This paper from the University of Utah assessed the key difference between input-output modeling and REMI’s...

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School Funding, Taxes, and Economic Growth: An Analysis of the 50 States

REMI’s computable general equilibrium model was tasked with charting out the benefits and effects of expanding school...

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Modeling Practices and Their Ability to Assess Tax/Expenditure Economic Impacts

This report reviewed five economic models (IMPLAN, TRAIN/Dynamic TRAIN, STAMP, DRAM, and REMI) to assess their...

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The Waxing and Waning of Regional Economies: The Chicken-Egg Question of Jobs Versus People

This study revisits the long-debated chicken-egg question of whether people follow newly created jobs into regions or...

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