Tampa Interstate Study (TIS) Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS): Economic and Fiscal Impact Analysis

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council (TBRPC), under contract with the Florida Department of Transportation, used the...

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2018-2022 Five-Year Transportation Program

The REMI TranSight model was utilized by the Michigan Department of Transportation to evaluate the outcomes related to...

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Impact of Introducing an Electric Vehicle Tax Credit on the North Carolina State Economy

A 70-sector REMI model of the North Carolina economy was utilized by Keybridge Public Policy Economics to evaluate two...

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The Economic Impact of RhodeWorks: An Accelerated Transportation Restoration Plan

Chris Judson RI Transportation October 07, 2015

REMI was engaged by the Rhode Island Department of Revenue’s Office of Revenue Analysis on behalf of the Rhode...

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Economic Analysis of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan

The impacts of the economic effects of the stimulus obtained from constructing and operation of the Regional Plan...

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