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PI+, the next generation of Policy Insight, generates realistic year-by-year estimates of the total regional effects of any specific policy initiative. A wide range of policy variables allows the user to represent the policy to be evaluated, while the explicit structure in the model helps the user to interpret the predicted economic and demographic effects. The model is calibrated to many sub-national areas for policy analysis and forecasting, and is available in single- and multi-area configurations. Each calibrated area (or region) has economic and demographic variables, as well as policy variables so that any policy that affects a local economy can be tested.

PI+ is used by government agencies (including most U.S. state governments ), consulting firms, nonprofit institutions, universities, and public utilities. Model simulations estimate comprehensive economic and demographic effects in wide-ranging initiatives such as: economic impact analysis; policies and programs for economic development, infrastructure, environment, energy and natural resources; and state and local tax changes. Articles about the model equations and research findings have been published in professional journals such as the American Economic Review, The Review of Economic Statistics, the Journal of Regional Science, and the International Regional Science Review.


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