Puget Sound Regional Transportation Fuels Analysis

ICF WA Transportation September 05, 2019

The macroeconomic and distributional impacts of compliance with a Puget Sound region Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) on...

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High Capacity Transit Task Force for the 2045 Regional Transportation Plan

The High Capacity Transit Task Force was created by the Transportation Policy Council to investigate the need and...

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Economic Impact Analysis for H-GAC's High Capacity Transit (HCT) Project

This analysis that was completed by the Houston-Galveston Area Council (H-GAC) used the REMI TranSight model to...

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Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement and Preliminary Section 4(f) Evaluation

The Arizona Department of Transportation incorporated their REMI TranSight model into their analysis of the...

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REMI TranSight in the Tampa Bay Area: Project Analysis and Planning for Resiliency

Randy DeShazo FL Transportation February 25, 2019

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council used the REMI TranSight model to forecast the countywide impacts of...

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Northern Extension of Interstate 49: Facilitating International & Domestic Commerce & Tourism

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development used their REMI TranSight model to evaluate the long-term...

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