REMI TranSight in the Tampa Bay Area: Project Analysis and Planning for Resiliency

Randy DeShazo FL Transportation February 25, 2019

The Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council used the REMI TranSight model to forecast the countywide impacts of...

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The Economic Impact of RhodeWorks: An Accelerated Transportation Restoration Plan

Chris Judson RI Transportation October 07, 2015

REMI was engaged by the Rhode Island Department of Revenue’s Office of Revenue Analysis on behalf of the Rhode...

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Economic Analysis of San Diego Forward: The Regional Plan

The impacts of the economic effects of the stimulus obtained from constructing and operation of the Regional Plan...

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The Effect on the U.S. Economy of the Successful Restructuring of General Motors

The economic efforts made to revitalize an American auto industry that was on the brink of collapse are examined in...

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North Carolina I-95 Economic Assessment

After the North Carolina Department of Transportation completed the I-95 Corridor Planning and Finance Environmental...

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