Measuring the Economic, Equity, and Environmental Contributions of Transit Infrastructure

KPMG DE Transportation June 06, 2022

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a sharp decline in public transit ridership and revenue. Despite this, public...

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The Economic and Employment Benefits of Expanding Medicaid in North Carolina

In order to analyze the effects and benefits of expanding Medicaid in North Carolina, George Washington University...

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Draft Tier 1 Environmental Impact Statement and Preliminary Section 4(f) Evaluation

The Arizona Department of Transportation incorporated their REMI TranSight model into their analysis of the...

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The Projected Economic and Fiscal Impact of the Big River Steel Project in Arkansas

This REMI Tax-PI analysis of the Big River Steel Project in Osceola, Arkansas of Mississippi County for the Arkansas...

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Impact of Introducing an Electric Vehicle Tax Credit on the North Carolina State Economy

A 70-sector REMI model of the North Carolina economy was utilized by Keybridge Public Policy Economics to evaluate two...

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